Sustainable batteries

Batterien Messeausstellung AccutronThe European Research Initiative Battery 2030+ has published a long-term roadmap that includes measures to develop more sustainable batteries for future applications. The aim is to optimise the development process of future connected batteries using digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and the like.

The battery roadmap relies on faster development of interfaces and materials, also on a "Batteries Interface Genome (BIG)", which is to serve as a basis for understanding the chemical processes within the battery. Further in the field of view are extreme temperatures, mechanical stress, excessive load in operation and aging processes, which significantly influence the life span of the batteries. New ways are to be found to reduce battery failure in the future. For this purpose, new sensor concepts are to be developed that detect early stages of battery failure and undesirable side reactions.

The researchers and marketing specialists of European companies believe that Europe should pay more attention to these aspects in the increasingly important market segment.

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