Kueg Guido 300 2018Corona times are not easy times.

We talked to Guido Küng, Managing Director and founder of Accutron AG, about this.

JF: What's going on at Accutron at the moment? Batteries are needed everywhere in mobile systems.

Guido Küng (GK): Since about 80% of our batteries go to medical devices, we are now quite busy.

 JF: You have a large battery range. What kind of batteries are mainly bought and what about delivery times in general?

GK: 90% lithium batteries are used, the remaining 10% is distributed between lead batteries, NiMh and NiCd. Delivery times are sluggish due to the large backlogs in Hong Kong.

JF: Since 2020, the test certificates have been mandatory in accordance with UN 38.3 for the transport of lithium batteries at the time of delivery. Is there still any ambiguity in this regard among your customers and is this generally complied with in accordance with the rules?

GK: Until the end of 2019, UN38.3 (passport for lithium batteries) was still mandatory informally, but since January 2020 it has been required by law. Each customer is therefore obliged to bear the only one-time costs for the UN38.3 test.

JF: What are the most common questions from your customers at the moment?

GK: Can my delivery come a little earlier?

JF: You are now wearing protective masks in your sales program. What types are these and what are the respective delivery times? How do you assess the demand, as the whole world is looking for appropriate masks.

GK: Our Chinese friends/suppliers are very concerned about us here because they themselves have been through exactly what we are doing here now. So they offer us protective masks from their stocks. We have published this on our website, but there is no reaction yet. We now know that the major distributors now have such masks in their assortment. (It was meant to be a favor anyway.)

JF: How do you assess the market situation in your specific market in the coming months?

GK: That is very difficult to assess at this stage. My personal wish is only that everything gets back on track, it really hurts to hear how many people and businesses are doing very badly now! I keep my fingers crossed!

Interview, conducted in April 2020

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