LED puts meat products in the right light

Conventional light sources are increasingly being replaced by LED technology. This offers several advantages. This article presents an application for the optimal LED lighting in a butcher's shop.


The application described here is about the food sector, specifically about advanced lighting in the meat shop of Ueli Zeller in Herisau. The appropriate planning and installation was carried out by the company Heled GmbH in Herisau. The LED products provided the Accutron Ltd. Thanks to the research level of the Heled GmbH, the young eastern Switzerland Company can draw from the full, because the color palette for LED light can be used almost unlimited thanks to the progress.

Variety of LED versions

Traditional light sources have become more and more used in applications. They are being replaced by LED technology:

  • Considerably longer service life about 40 000 hours approximately 40 – 90 percent power savings
  • Solid processing and high resistance to shock and vibration
  • Save money with massively lower maintenance costs
  • Easy installation and minimal conversion costs
  • Instant soft start; No flickering and buzzing
  • It produces little heat
  • Ideal for use in extreme climatic conditions

All these advantages are offered by the use of LED light sources. In addition, the fluorescent tubes are a discontinued model for many manufacturers. The company Accutron Ltd. in Bassersdorf near Zurich is an experienced supplier of such LED light sources in many designs and light colours. Interested parties and customers will be consulted with experts from partner companies to ensure optimal lighting.

New Light Quality

The presentation of meat and sausage as well as other foodstuffs is improved. The specialities appear in a light that meets their quality. The new LEDs are rosy cool light, which presents the meat products to the customer appetizingly. Not only in the restaurants of the higher class, the guest expects that the dishes will be presented accordingly. The same applies to the purchase of meat and other foodstuffs.

Meet the requirements

Especially meat industry companies have to pay attention to the fact that the cold chain is meticulously observed for all meat. This applies not only in the production rooms, but also significantly in the sales counter area. So far, the meat specialists have been fighting against the contradiction between cooling and lighting together with their suppliers. The traditional systems , even if they are considered modern and efficient, always give an excess of heat. The LED technology now brings with it a suitable solution in various segments: a greatly reduced heat load. This can be expected with 40 percent and more power savings! This in bright, product-friendly light.

Cost-Effective installation

Not only the low power consumption has a positive effect on costs, but also the lighting material itself. This is cheaper in sourcing and easy to install than conventional lighting technologies. "Sticking instead of drilling" is the motto. The lighting technology for foodstuffs continues. The Heled GmbH researches new LED colours for vegetables, fruit, frozen products and baked goods.

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