LED puts meat products in the right light

Conventional light sources are increasingly being replaced by LED technology. This offers several advantages. This article presents an application for the optimal LED lighting in a butcher's shop.

For all kinds of mobile systems, the known lithium-ion batteries are still the first choice in many places.

Lithium-ion batteries have a high specific energy compared to other types of batteries, but in most applications, they need sophisticated electronic protection circuits for safety (fire hazard, rigid transport regulations, etc.) because they react sensitively to both deep charge and overloading. Research is currently underway on alternatives, but it will take some time before they are actually used in practice. Here some examples of new battery types that are in the pipeline.

Tesla P85D with 700 hp

Electric cars and their batteries - a contentious issue in terms of electricity savings

The new battery-powered Tesla P85D with 700 hp can be recharged free of charge in various Swiss and international charging stations within 20 – 30 minutes. Here at one of the charging stations at the restaurant Mövenpick in Egerkingen. But if there are countless electric vehicles in the future, there will be long waiting times at the charging stations.

Some time ago, hardly any battery-powered electric vehicles were seen on the road. This is now changing gradually. What are the chances/risks of this drive technology? Are the E-vehicles, except in the driving operation, as a whole really so clean? What about the overnight power supply for people who have their E-Car park in the evening at a remote parking lot?