Battery cell production: Europe in arrears

Europe in arrears

For too long, people have been waiting in Europe to produce large quantities of battery cells. Everywhere mobile devices and systems of all kinds are produced, which in turn require battery packs and batteries for the independent power supply. Where do these come from?

Mobility is the order of the day

What are the usual batteries? Where do the manufacturers relate their raw materials? How environmentally friendly are e-cars when they are still using coal power? What about the necessary unified plugs for charging and how many charging stations will be available in the near future? Questions about a worldwide discussed topic.

T8 LED Röhre mit 150 Grad Ausleuchtung

MT8 led tube with 150 degree illumination

The new MT8 led tube from Signcomplex replaces existing T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes and can be easily installed in the same place. The degree of illumination is new considerable 150 degrees and is available in the lengths 60cm, 120cm as well as 150cm.